{5 lovely things} Tea

You make me tea…

I remember singing this on the same melody as ‘ you make me feel like a natural woman’. It was a a part of the elaborate way I use to get my flatmates to make tea, back when I lived in the UK. We gulped down buckets and buckets of tea while studying, and no one wanted to be the tea maker. So we sang, made hand signals and asked questions like ‘What’s it called the bit you place the balls on in golf?’  (answer is tee)

I still drink tea, not in the same volume and not PJ-tips with two sugars any more (can’t afford the dentist bill….). But I have to say that the Scandies can’t make tea like the Brits….Oh wish I had a proper cup of tea right now….

Afternoon tea earrings by Carla Dotti, Dawanda

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