And we have Easter…..

So it’s Friday and not any Friday it’s the day before the big Easter holiday starts here in Scandinavia – so soon many Norwegians will be heading for the mountains where log cabins, murder mystery on the TV/ radio and skiing will be the main event. Here in Denmark I’ve notice most people will go to their summer houses or visit family. We are doing the last – off too see the baby’s Danish grandparents during the holiday.

So my plan is to enjoy the lovely food, the nice times with the family, see if the little one learns to crawl forwards and knit (no surprises there..:)

Here is a little collection of Easter related knitting/crochet projects:

1. CRochet egg cosys and more by Pickles
2. Bottle warmer cover by Drops
3. Knitted Mary Jane slippers by Drops
4. Knitted bread basket by Drops
5. Knitted Easter treats by Jean Greenhowe

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