Left over knitting / Restestrikk

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a yarn addict…well not as much as my mum but I have a lot…hard to go past a nice ball of yarn without touching it. In the photo you can see ca. 1/4 of my yarn… left over or just bought because the colour was nice.

So I’m doing a left over project – yes since all the nice response to my left over stirrup socks I’ve been looking for the next project (and my husband can’t wait to get some more space for his things….ha ha I’m just wanting to make more space for more yarn)

So I have noticed that I need a blanket for the baby (yes a new one since the one I made in alpacha isn’t big enough) and since I love love love the Super Easy baby blanket by Purlbee, I decide to make one. Here is how far I’m now:

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